6 Tips for Saving Money On Your Energy Bill


1. Energy Star Rated Appliances: You can just select Energy Star rated home devices to save energy. For central air systems, you’d much better try to find Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) higher than 13 (Energy Star Models are 14.5 SEER or more). In addition, the federal government provides rebates for utilizing Energy Star devices. For example, wind turbines and solar-power systems set up by the end of 2016 get 30 percent tax credit. You will have the ability to gain from a lower power bill and lower taxes.


2. Air-Conditioner Filters: It's necessary to tidy up air-conditioner filters routinely. If the filter is dirty, the cooling system needs to work harder which will lose electricity and even cause indoor air pollution. The quality of air filters can have a substantial impact on keeping preventing allergies and boosting air-conditioner effectiveness.


3. Ceiling Fans: Using a ceiling fan in conjunction with a/c unit and heating units significantly enhances energy efficiency. Provided that you operate a ceiling fan correctly, it is an affordable way to improve comfort in the house. Make certain the ceiling fan is turning counterclockwise to produce a wind chill impact in the summertime. It needs to spin clockwise in the winter season, so it can take the chill out of the air. Some fans included a wall or remote control that can assist you quickly to alter the instructions.


4. Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) Or Light Emitting Diode (LED) Bulbs: Many people are facing an issue when selecting in between CFL or LED instead of incandescent bulbs. The initial cost of CFL is less expensive than LED, however LED lasts for 10 years or more. In other words, LED will save you the most money in the long run. You can depend upon how you will use each of the bulbs and you can integrate the 2 alternatives. Remember that CFL contains a percentage of mercury sealed within the glass tubing and need to be recycled. According to U.S department of Energy, if every home in America changed just one incandescent light bulb with an Energy Star qualified CFL, then in simply one year it would save sufficient energy to light more than 3 million houses.


5. Programmable Thermostats: You can make great use of programmable thermostats to lessen your electrical spending on cooling and heating costs. Just one degree higher or lower can make a huge distinction on electricity bills. Keep in mind that the ocean is made from individual drops of water. By making incremental changes in your energy consumption, you can make a distinction in your life and that of the planet.


Day and Night Double Curtains/Blinds: These kind of drapes have a dual function: they act as sunscreen blinds during the daytime and blackout blind at night. Please keep in mind that you 'd better not use traditional thick curtains to obstruct out sunshine completely because UV rays eliminate dust mites and bacteria.

Ethanol Fireplaces: A Versatile Way to Add Vibrant Flames to Your Modern Space


A friend to warm memories and hot chocolate, fireplaces have been a staple in the home since as far back as anybody can bear in mind. Now you can make those memories without soot, smoke, smell or hazardous carcinogens.


Bio ethanol is a wholly eco-friendly resource made by fermenting the spin-offs of agricultural products such as corn, potatoes and rice. By utilizing the sugar and starch parts, a carbon-neutral fuel perfect for fireplaces is made.


The combustion of ethanol produces 3 things: heat, water vapor (steam) and a percentage of carbon dioxide (CO2) equal to exactly what already exists in the air we breathe. Plants take in the co2 and process it by means of photosynthesis, making it a continuous cycle.

Because ethanol produces a clean burn when made use of in a fireplace, no chimney, flue or unique ventilation is needed. There is no major setup and some models, like the Vitrum H by Ignis, might be secured of the box and utilized right away.


Sparking them and extinguishing them is easy, too! Simply fill the fireplace's burner(s) to the fill line with liquid ethanol using a funnel. When you ensure that there is no spillage and you've cleaned your hands, quickly ignite with a long lighter or match. When you are finished using your fireplace, merely use the consisted of snuffing out tool to snuff the flame out. No ashes, no clean up and no problem.


Ethanol fireplaces are offered as tabletop designs, wall mounted models or freestanding models. The Magnum Wall Mounted Fireplace, for instance, can be held on any non-combustible wall by just using the enclosed mounting bracket. Voila! You can get inovative ideas about greenhouse by visiting this website www.greenhousestores.co.uk .


Ethanol is also the perfect way to convert your existing wood-burning or gas fireplace into an Eco-friendly hearth. By using a bio ethanol fireplace insert or fireplace grate, you are making your fireplace much safer.


Did you know that according to the EPA smoke from wood-burning fireplaces produces a mix of gas and particles? These emissions, like sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and possibly carcinogenic substances including polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, benzene, formaldehyde and dioxins have been understood to cause cancer and other ongoing health problems like COPD.


If you're looking to incorporate actual fire into your home or office, however do not want the headache of costly setup and maintenance, an ethanol fireplace might simply be your answer! Eco-friendly and trendy, these fireplaces not just improve the visual of your space, however your impact on the environment and your health!